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 Mass organization activities
Launching event of voluntary blood donation at IMPE-Quy Nhon

The blood donation campaign always attract the participation of people, especially organizations of trade union and youth union. This activity is "a good deed" which expresses the charity and their willingness to share their blood with those in need.


Responding the campaign, the executive committee of the Trade Union and Youth Union propagandized to enhance the awareness of staff and union members to participate in voluntary blood donation campaign according to the appeal of the People's Committee of Binh Dinh provine.

Responding the plan of the voluntary blood donation campaign of Binh Dinh province 2014 and the plan of "2nd Red Journey 2014" with the message "Connecting Vietnamese Blood" of the National Institute of Blood Transfusion and Haematology, Ministry of Health, implementing of the resolution of 14th Trade Union Congress (2012-2014); o­n 24th June, 2014, the executive committee of Trade Union of IMPE-Quy Nhon coordinated with the Youth Union of IMPE-Quy Nhon to organise the launching ceremony o­n voluntary blood donation. Participants to the ceremony included Dr. Tran Thanh Tam, vice-chairman of Vietnam National Union of Health Workers, Mr. Vo Tri Dung, viec-director of IMPE-Quy Nhon, MSc. Ho Dac Thoan, chairman of Trade Union of IMPE-Quy Nhon and staff, union members of IMPE-Quy Nhon. Besides, there were attendances of doctors and technicians of blod transfusion and haematology centre of Provincial General Hospital of Binh Dinh.

Dr. Tran Thanh Tam, vice-chairwoman of Vietnam National Union of Health Workers giving her speech
at the launching event

On behalf of the Vietnam National Union of Health Workers, Dr. Tran Thanh Tam appreciated the efforts and results of the Institute in social activities in general and blood donation movement in particular. In the speech of the Institute's leadership, Mr. Vo Tri Dung reviewed good tradition of the Institute and humanitarian means of blood donation.

From 2007 to now, the trade union and youth union of the Institute participated more 20 times of blood donation activites, providing about 50 - 100 units of blood which are the reservoir of blood demand for treatment and emergency cases. MSc. Ho Dac Thoan, chairman of trade union of IMPE-Quy Nhon propagandized voluntary blood campaign 2014 with the theme 'Connecting Vietnamese Blood", "A drop of blood saves a life" to enhance the awareness about the importance and meaning of blood donation campaign and mobilize staff, union members and students of IMPE-Quy Nhon to participate the campaign.

Mr.Vo Tri Dung, vice-director in his speech at the launching event

MSc. Ho Dac Thoan, chairman of Trade Union of IMPE-Quy Nhon launching the blood donation
campaign at the event.

The representative of the students of IMPE-Quy Nhon, Dang Thi My Ly, who participated this campaign, shared her impressions o­n previous blood donations and it did not affect to our health. Moreover, she also called the people to participate the blood donation campaign for saving needy patients.

After finishing the launching ceremony, more 150 members of trade union, youth union of the Institute participated the blood donation. The units of blood were tested and selected, 94 units of blood reached the donation standard. Everybody felt happy because they could save patients and did useful things for the society.

Some images at the voluntary blood donation: 

Written by MSc. Ho Dac Thoan,
Chairman of Trade Union of IMPE-Quy Nhon
(Translated by Vo Thi Nhu Quynh and Huynh Thi An Khang)
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