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 News - Events IMPE
IMPE-Quy Nhon and Quy Nhon University join hands to prevent Covid-19 epidemic

        Faced with the extremely complicated development of acute respiratory infections Covid-19 caused by the new strain Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2), in the past few days, the world and Vietnam have recognized more many new cases and deaths. Up to now, the province of Binh Dinh has not found any cases positive for SARS-CoV-2. However, the prevention of epidemics in the province in general as well as in the Institute?s clinic in particular has been maintained and even more drastic under the direction of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Health and Binh Dinh Provincial People's Committee.

         From the beginning of the year until now, the Institute has received an average of 100-300 turns of people coming for medical examination and treatment each day from the provinces of Central-Central Highlands and some from the Northern and Southern provinces. Therefore, the risk of accessing the source of the disease Covid-19 is very likely if not actively implemented in time to control the source of infection.

        O­n that basis, the Institute has a plan to direct implementation of epidemic readiness, instruct how to prevent the risk of spreading that may occur, thereby ensuring the safety of health workers and people. diseases such as educational communication, hand washing instructions, and adequate means of protection for health workers. Specifically, the Institute has arranged a reception desk to screen, measure body temperature and provide quick instructions o­n hand antisepsis for patients who come for medical examination and treatment (before entering the Clinic). Then, diversify, set up a separate clinic for cases with manifestations such as fever, cough, sneezing, difficulty breathing, having epidemiological factors in contact with people from the epidemic area, ... and promptly to take appropriate measures when there is a suspected case of Covid-19.

H1. The Institute has arranged a reception desk to screen, measure body temperature and provide
quick instructions o­n hand antiseptic for patients who come for medical examination and treatment.
(Before entering the Clinic)

H2. Divide and set up a separate clinic for cases with manifestations such as fever,
cough and epidemiological factors that have come into contact with people from epidemic areas.

H3. The Institute is fully equipped with protective equipment for medical staff and people to
visit the Institute

          Moreover, o­n March 30, 2020, in order to join hands to prevent and fight the disease Covid-19, the Institute's Clinic received remote temperature measuring device and self-contained device Automatic hand washing by a group of lecturers of Faculty of Engineering & Technology of Quy Nhon University deployed the fabrication and installation school for free.

H4. Remote body temperature measuring devices and automatic hand washing automatic devices
were installed at the Clinic.

         Remote temperature sensor system and check the machine installation at the entrance of the Clinic with the ideal of everyday people visiting hospitals and clinics with the expectation between the tester and the person to be measured. keeping a safe distance, avoiding direct contact, will reduce the risk of cross-contamination in the community. The system is designed simply, compact and lightweight with an infrared thermometer to control switch and lifting device suitable for the height of the person being measured.

        At the same time, with the above idea, Quy Nhon University has also installed an automatic antiseptic hand washing system at the clinic campus. This device has been put into use, bringing many convenience to users, avoiding the inconvenience of people waiting in queue to wash their hands and limiting the risk of cross-contamination from the same contact with the surface of the device. Disinfection in public places.

        Assoc.Prof.Dr. Huynh Duc Hoan - Head of Faculty of Engineering and Technology of Quy Nhon University said, ?With the desire to join hands to prevent and fight the Covid-19 epidemic, staff and teachers in the University have contributed a small part together. for community. The school sponsored these devices at Binh Dinh General Hospital and the Institute Clinic and a number of other units in the province ?.

H5. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Huynh Duc Hoan (checker shirt) - Head of Faculty of Engineering and
Technology of Quy Nhon University instructs the use of automatic hand sanitizer

H6. MSc. Dao Ngoc Trung-Manager of Organization and Administration Department tried
to operate automatic hand washing machine

H7. Assoc.Prof. Dr. Ho Van Hoang, Director (the person in white blouse) highly appreciated these
initiatives and sincerely thank you for the timely help of Quy Nhon University teachers

        Talking to Quy Nhon University, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Ho Van Hoang, Rector highly appreciated the above initiatives and would like to thank the teachers of Quy Nhon University for their help. The Institute join hands to prevent and repel the epidemic Covid-19 and will try its best together with the community to join hands in epidemic prevention, bringing health and confidence to the people, and the whole country to fight the epidemic. success.

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