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 Collaborative activities International collaboration
IMPE-QN welcomes US Naval Medical Research Unit (NAMRU-2) to visit and exchange international research cooperation

On May 9th 2022, a delegation of experts from the US Naval Medical Research Unit (NAMRU-2) visited and worked at the Institute of Malariology, Parasitology and Entomology Quy Nhon (IMPE-QN) with the purpose of exchanging information o­n joint research programs in the field of research and treatment of malaria as well as other infectious diseases.

Attending the meeting were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ho Van Hoang - Director, Dr. Huynh Hong Quang - Deputy Director, together with the professional staff from departments of Epidemiology, Research & Treatment, Entomology, Molecular Biology and International Cooperation. Representatives of NAMRU-2 included Captain John Brooks - Director of NAMRU-2 in Viet Nam, Lieutenant Jodi Fiorenzano - Entomologist.

At the meeting, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ho Van Hoang - Director of IMPE-QN highly appreciated the delegation's visit and thanked NAMRU-2 for their excellent collaboration with IMPE-QN in the past time. The Director also hoped that the meeting would expand and deepen the positive relationship between the two sides by unanimously develop new research programs pertaining to malaria as well as other infectious diseases. The success of such programs would contribute to the people's healthcare, especially for ethnic minorities and o­nes living in remote and deep-lying areas in the Central Highlands.


IMPE-QN welcoming US Naval Medical Research Unit (NAMRU-2) to visit and exchange international research cooperation

"Central Viet Nam is heavily affected by climate change, economic difficulties, and many pathogens (i.e. bacteria, viruses, and parasites) in the community, which could be considered as the present major region of epidemics of the whole country", Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ho Van Hoang said. "Due to these reasons, it is extremely important to set up an emergency operation centre for the control of communicable diseases in Central Viet Nam, and IMPE-QN is well qualified for becoming such centre in terms of human resources and basic equipment. With the support of NAMRU-2, the Institute will be able to perform its duties as an emergency response center for other epidemics other than malaria and parasitic diseases."


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ho Van Hoang - Director of IMPE-QN in his statements about the difficulties and challenges in epidemic prevention in the region

After the statements of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ho Van Hoang, Captain John Brooks, Director of NAMRU-2 in Viet Nam said: "We think Viet Nam is a very good partner for us, because we have visited a lot of research and treatment facilities in Viet Nam, and found that we all have same equipment with similar training programs for technicians. So maybe we can work together."


Captain John Brooks, Director of NAMRU-2 in Viet Nam expecting collaborative activities with IMPE-QN in Central Viet Nam

During the discussion, the IMPE-QN staff and NAMRU-2 experts consulted about clinical trials of new anti-malarial drugs, and proposed new research activities in the coming time, with the priority for the roadmap of malaria elimination by 2030. After the meeting, the delegation visited and had an exchange of expertise with the investigators of IMPE-QN at the specialized laboratories of entomology and molecular biology.

International cooperation in scientific research is o­ne of the main focus of the IMPE-QN's development strategy in the new period towards elimination of malaria and emerging and re-emerging parasitic diseases in the region. It can be said that the cooperation relationship between IMPE-QN and NAMRU-2 has yielded many important results, contributing to the changes in antimalarial drug policies in Viet Nam and some interventions to reduce the burden of the disease in Central Viet Nam. The support and contribution of NAMRU-2 and a number of other projects will help close gaps in infectious disease control efforts in Viet Nam in general and Central Viet Nam in particular.


Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ho Van Hoang - Director of IMPE-QN presenting souvenirs to the delegation leader of NAMRU-2

Some images during the NAMRU-2 delegation's visit to Central Viet Nam:


Dr. Huynh Hong Quang - Vice Director of IMPE-QN, o­n behalf of the Institute leadership, reporting o­n some results of research projects in collaboration with NAMRU-2



The NAMRU-2 delegation visiting IMPE-QN's laboratories


The collaborative mission between IMPE-QN and NAMRU-2 visiting and working at the health center in Krong Pa district, Gia Lai province.


By An Khang  


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