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 Collaborative activities International collaboration
IMPE-QN cooperated with Korea's leading universities in Bio-health research and training

The Institute of Malariology, Parasitology, and Entomology Quy Nhon (IMPE-QN) hosted two delegations o­n October 5-6, 2023, and October 19-21, 2023. These delegations consisted of officials, researchers, and lecturers from the College of Medicine, Gyeongsang National University, and the School of Medicine, Ajou University. Both Korean institutions are renowned in the field of science and technology, particularly in biomedical technology. These visits not o­nly boosted collaboration but also strengthened research o­n tropical infectious diseases. Furthermore, they hinted at the potential for practical biomedical training activities among the involved parties.

On the morning of October 5, 2023, a delegation comprising officials and researchers from Gyeongsang National University, led by Professor Byoung-Kuk Na, the Director of the BK21FOUR Center for Human Resource Development in the Bio-health Industry, visited IMPE-QN. Later, in the afternoon of October 19, 2023, another delegation led by Professor Shin Ho Joon, the Director of the Tropical Infectious Diseases Cooperation Laboratory (TIDCL) at Ajou University, consisting of professors and researchers, also visited IMPE-QN. Representatives from IMPE-QN, including Dr. Huynh Hong Quang, the Deputy Director and Head of the Research & Treatment Department, along with leaders and staff members from departments such as Research & Treatment, Entomology, Molecular Biology, Parasitology, Specialist Clinic, and International Cooperation, warmly welcomed the delegations from Gyeongsang National University and Ajou University.


The International Joint Seminar o­n Tropical Infectious Diseases among Korea, Viet Nam, and Malaysia was held at Ajou University, South Korea in July 2022.


International cooperation has emerged as a prominent trend among research institutes and universities, offering the opportunity to establish collaborative partnerships and adopt cutting-edge scientific and technological advancements. Strengthening collaboration with various entities globally stands as o­ne of the primary tasks and functions of IMPE-QN. This involves establishing ties with scientific research agencies, international organizations, as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations worldwide. These collaborations extend across countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, among others.

The primary objective of these collaborations is to conduct scientific research aimed at combatting diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, parasitic and vector-borne diseases. Notably, o­n December 7, 2022, IMPE-QN and Gyeongsang National University formalized their partnership by signing a memorandum of understanding. This agreement focuses o­n bolstering inter-collaborative research efforts, particularly regarding tropical infectious diseases like malaria. Moreover, this collaboration includes organizing academic visits and facilitating training exchanges for postgraduate students and researchers.



The delegation of officials and researchers from Gyeongsang National University visited and worked at IMPE-QN o­n October 6, 2023

Gyeongsang National University is o­ne of Korea's ten national flagship universities. Over more than 70 years since its foundation, the university has played a pivotal role in educating talented students who contribute not o­nly to the local community but also to national prosperity. With over 760 professors, 400 administrative staff, and nearly 25,000 enrolled students, both undergraduate and graduate, it stands as a prominent institution in the Gyeongnam region. The university spans three campuses: Gajwa, Chilam, and Tongyeong.

The Department of Parasitology and Tropical Medicine at the College of Medicine of Gyeongsang National University has fostered effective medical training and research collaborations. These collaborations have focused o­n studying the genetics of malaria parasites, molecular-based drug-resistant malaria, and other human parasites using innovative approaches in recent years. These studies have unveiled molecular methods to detect emerging multi-drug resistant malaria in countries within the Greater Mekong Subregion, such as Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Viet Nam. The findings provide crucial data for developing intervention strategies outlined in the Malaria Elimination Roadmap.


The delegation of officials and researchers from Ajou University visited and worked at IMPE-QN o­n October 19, 2023

Ajou University, established in 1973 under the motto 'Asia's best university for the 21st century,' is a leading research institution with 10 colleges in Korea. Situated in Suwon, about 30 kilometers south of Seoul, Ajou hosts a diverse student body of 14,000 individuals, comprising 9,000 undergraduates, 3,500 graduate students, and 1,500 enrolled in other programs. Ajou University excels in various academic programs and research fields, particularly in Engineering, IT, BT, NT, Medical Science, Business, and International Studies.

Recognized for its innovative international programs and strong support for international students, Ajou has collaborative partnerships with over 200 universities spanning across 58 countries. The university offers an extensive array of international programs, encompassing student and faculty exchanges, international summer schools, a Korean language program, and more. International students at Ajou have the opportunity to enroll in courses taught in English across various majors. Presently, the university warmly welcomes around 750 international students each year.

The visits by Gyeongsang National University and Ajou University serve the purpose of exploring and sharing experiences related to disease prevention models, engaging in scientific discussions, and proposing future directions to accelerate elimination of malaria and various emerging and re-emerging tropical infectious diseases, with a particular emphasis o­n parasitic zoonoses in Viet Nam.

All involved parties are committed to establishing the foundation for sustainable development through collaborative efforts in scientific research activities, biomedical training, and technology transfer. This collaboration holds significant value and importance, not o­nly within the scientific realm but also fostering multinational cultural connections.


Dr. Huynh Hong Quang - Deputy Director of IMPE-QN in the scientific discussion with Ajou University


Prof.Dr. Professor Byoung-Kuk Na - Director of the BK21FOUR Center for human resource development in Bio-health Industry in a scientific discussion at IMPE-QN o­n October 6, 2023


Professor Shin Ho Joon - Director of the Tropical Infectious Diseases Cooperation Laboratory (TIDCL) presented a scientific report at IMPE-QN o­n November 19, 2023

Continuing the series of activities at IMPE-QN, the joint scientific seminars were held in conference room 217. These seminars involved officials and researchers from Gyeongsang National University and IMPE-QN, as well as officials and researchers from Ajou University and IMPE-QN. The focus of these seminars was o­n research and training activities in biomedicine.

Both parties actively shared mutually beneficial knowledge, creating a 'scientific playground' in the era of digital technology and molecular biology. These scientific exchanges greatly contributed to enhancing the understanding of current infectious and parasitic diseases among healthcare researchers at the Institute and two of Korea's top 10 national universities.

It is expected that this collaboration yields significant scientific research outcomes benefiting the community, contributing to the socio-economic development of Central Vietnam in particular, and the nation as a whole.

Here are some images from the visit of Ajou University at IMPE-QN:


Dr. Nguyen Xuan Quang, Head of the Department of Entomology, exchanging expertise with the Ajou University's officials and researchers


The Ajou University delegation visiting the laboratories of the Department of Entomology

By An Khang  


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