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 Mass organization activities
The IMPE-QN celebrates and launches the patriotic movements on the occasion of the 58th Vietnam Doctors' Day

   In the warm atmosphere of the first days of the Lunar year 2013, the IMPE-QN formally celebrated the 58th Vietnam Doctors' Day (27/2/1955-27/2/2013), and launched the patriotic movements and learning, following President Ho Chi Minh's moral example in 2013.


Attending the ceremony are the comrades in the Executive Board of the Party Committee, existing and former Directors of IMPE-QN, Executive Board of the Trade Union, People's Doctor, Meritorious doctors in all terms of office and the staff of the IMPE-QN.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the staff performed music and dancing show with the Central and Western Highland ethnic groups' style whereby expressed the love to our country. After the initiation rite of the ceremony, Dr. Nguyen Van Chuong, People's Doctor - Director represented the Executive Committee and the Director board of the IMPE-QN to read the letter from uncle Ho to the Health Sector Staff Meeting o­n the Vietnamese Doctors' Day, concurrently reviewing the significant working results of the IMPE-QN in 2010 and the working plan in 2013.

Delegates in the Cremony


In the year 2012, the Party Committee, Leaders of the IMPE-QN had grasped thoroughly and directed timely the Communist Party's policy, Government's law in order to carry out the tasks assigned by the MoH effectively. Despite a great deal of difficulties in controlling malaria, especially the impact of the climate change, the increased malaria cases in comparison with 2011, the IMPE-QN had successfully completed the given missions, preventing the epidemic from occurring in the whole region, constraining the development of Fascioliasis Gigantica, detecting and treating thousands of clonorchiasis, toxocariasis, gnathostomiasis, strongyloidiasis, cysticercosis, taeniasis, ameba cases, etc., meeting the demands of not o­nly the Central - Western Highland regions but also other regions of the country. The IMPE-QN also works in collaboration with Institute Pasteur in Nha Trang, Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology of Tay Nguyen and the provinces in the local region to conduct the Mosquito Dengue Control Project effectively, especially controlling the transmitting vectors.

MA. Le Ngoc Linh - Party Committee Secretary, Vice Director offers flowers
and congratulates the People's Doctor of the IMPE-QN

Dr. People?s Doctor. Nguyen Van Chuong - Director offers flowers and congratulates
the meritorious doctor of the IMPE-QN

 The Party Committee, Director of the IMPE-QN had honoured and offered flowers to the People's Doctors, Meritorious Doctors in all terms of office so as to acknowledge their credit and enthusiastic contribution for caring, protecting the people's health in general and the malaria and parasitosis control in particular.


A dance show in the Ceremony

In the end of the ceremony, Mr. Ho Dac Thoan - Chairman of the IMPE-QN Trade Union, under the authority of the Party Committee and Board of Directors, launched the patriotic movements and learning, following President Ho Chi Minh's moral example in 2013 with the theme "Follow Uncle Ho's advice, Health sector staff should unite, be active, creative, improve occupational moral, and fulfill their tasks successfully in 2013" with the practical content and targets.


Ho Dac Thoan
Chairman of the Trade Union
(Translated by Tran Minh Quy and Nguyen Thai Hoang)
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