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World Mosquito Day 2023 - Theme, Importance, & Slogans

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated: Feb 20, 2023, 18:37

World Mosquito Day, also known as International Mosquito Day, is celebrated o­n August 20 every year. World Mosquito Day is celebrated to spread awareness about the diseases caused by mosquitoes, especially the female Anopheles mosquito. Mosquitoes create a lot of problems as they breed in stagnant water.

Malaria is a treatable infectious disease transmitted by mosquitoes that kill more than 4 lakh people yearly. Happy world mosquito day highlights the importance of staying away from mosquitoes and how the ailment can be eliminated. To know complete facts about World Mosquito Day 2023, its theme, significance, and history, keep reading the post till the end.

History of World Mosquito Day

World Mosquito Day raises awareness about the hazards of malaria-carrying mosquitos while also highlighting o­ngoing efforts to combat the world's deadliest creature.

Since 2000, global mosquito control initiatives have saved over 7.6 million lives and prevented over 1.5 billion malaria infections.

The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine also commemorates World Mosquito Day. Parties and exhibitions are arranged to start talks and discussions o­n Malaria and honor Sir Ross's work and that of the many scientists who came after him.


About Mosquitoes

The word mosquito comes from a Spanish phrase that means "small fly." Mosquitoes, like bees, feed primarily o­n plant nectar. Contrary to popular belief, mosquitoes do not bite humans because they need to feed o­n human blood. Female mosquitoes drink blood to aid in developing their eggs before laying them. Male mosquitoes do not eat blood in any way.

Mosquitoes can sometimes be dangerous because of their capacity to carry and transmit diseases. However, we can't dispute that mosquitoes perform a crucial function in the ecology as a food source for various creatures.

World Mosquito Day Significance

International Mosquito Day holds a lot of significance as it is vital to make people aware of the catastrophe that mosquitoes can cause.

Help people take necessary steps to contain the spread of Malaria and other life-threatening diseases that are brought about by mosquitoes

Celebrate the efforts of several health professionals and institutions that are working towards eradicating Malaria.

Malaria is a familiar disease and can occur anywhere. It is a critical topic; people should know how it's transmitted when they are at risk and how to protect themselves.

Since the disease has spread across the world, people must invest some money in research organizations so that it becomes easier to develop a vaccine against it and work o­n its treatment.


World Mosquito Day Theme

The theme of World Mosquito Day 2023 is yet to be decided. However, remembering the theme of 2022 is "Harness innovation to reduce the malaria disease burden and save lives."

The theme of World Mosquito Day 2021 was "Reaching the Zero Malaria Target." Malaria is o­ne of the deadliest diseases that are life-threatening.

The Plasmodium parasite causes it, and the female Anopheles mosquitoes are the carriers of this parasite. This mosquito is commonly found in Africa, Asia, and South America and has taken millions of lives.

The disease has become preventable and curable with the advancement of medical sciences. Some of the common symptoms of Malaria are flu, fever, headache, shivering, etc.

India earlier used to report millions of cases of Malaria. However, with several health initiatives in place, the number of patients has declined by 17.6 percent in 2019.

International Mosquito Day is quite significant as it makes people aware of how they can fight Malaria and other deadly diseases caused by mosquitoes. People come together o­n this day to teach each other the importance of cleanliness in preventing diseases like Malaria. You must know the significance of this day.


Facts about malaria - World Mosquito Day 2023

Look at the important facts regarding Malaria disease that are focussed o­n and concerned during every World Mosquito Day.

Travellers who have not developed immunity and arrive from malaria-free areas are extremely vulnerable to catching the disease.

In 2010, singer Cheryl Cole became extremely ill after she acquired Malaria while o­n holiday in Africa; it indicates how dangerous the disease is for everyone.

Malaria parasites, including chloroquine and artemisinin, have become resistant to common drugs.

Many health specialists are researching to obtain reliable medicines to fight the disease.

In 1974, Greece was able to eradicate Malaria.

Due to adequate monitoring and prevention measures, high-income countries successfully control the spread of malarial parasites.


How to "Celebrate" World Mosquito Day?

There are three ways to celebrate world mosquito day 2023. The main aim of this day is to circulate understanding about the disease-causing malaria varieties among people. The female mosquito picks up the parasite from infected people when they bite to obtain the blood needed to nurture their eggs.

Increase funds for a non-profit organization against Malaria

You can team up with a local non-profit or start your event to raise money for anti-malaria efforts. Contribute the money to an organization that distributes nets, supports communities with medication and treatment, or works o­n vaccine and treatment research. Different charities like Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, and Nigeria have been designed to combat Malaria.

Understand about Malaria

Learn about how Malaria spreads, where it's most dominant, and how to protect yourself if you live in a risk-prone area or travel to a place having static water areas or a huge number of mosquitos.

Spread awareness about the disease with friends

Malaria can impact anyone throughout the world, so people must have accurate knowledge about Malaria disease. You can share some useful facts with your friends using your social media handles by extracting information from a respectable organization.


Top 3 World Mosquito Day Quotes

As discovered by Sir Ronald Ross, the twentieth of August is remembered as World Mosquito Day. Here are some best messages and World Mosquito Day quotes that you can share o­n social media o­n that day.

- We take the opportunity o­n this twentieth of August to raise awareness about the varied diseases mosquitoes cause and how we can prevent them and keep our families safe. Happy World Mosquito Day, everybody!

- Mosquitoes are everywhere, and they can be easily called the most irritating and also o­ne of the most dangerous creatures o­n the planet. So stay healthy and wish everyone a very cautious World Mosquito Day!

- Malaria, Dengue fever, Chikungunya, West Nile fever, Yellow fever, Lymphatic filariasis, Rift Valley fever, and the list of diseases caused by mosquitoes goes o­n. So, stay aware, safe, and healthy, and wish everyone a very happy World Mosquito Day!

World Mosquito Day FAQs

Q.1. When is world mosquito day celebrated every year?

World Mosquito Day is observed o­n August 20 every year. The day is celebrated to raise awareness about malaria among people so that they become safe and protected. Mosquitos or any other creatures play an important role in balancing the cycle of the environment.

Q.2. What is the theme of World Mosquito Day 2021?

The World Mosquito Day 2021 theme was "Reaching the Zero Malaria Target." The main concept of World Mosquito Day 2021 was to understand which mosquitoes cause which type of diseases in human beings. Different varieties of mosquitos act as vectors for numerous diseases in living beings.

For instance, Aedes mosquitoes cause lymphatic filariasis, chikungunya, dengue fever, rift valley fever, yellow fever, and Zika. o­n the other hand, Anopheles cause lymphatic filariasis (in Africa) and malaria.

Q.3. World Mosquito Day is celebrated to raise awareness about which mosquito in particular?

World Mosquito Day is observed to raise awareness about the female anopheles' mosquito that carries the bacteria that causes Malaria. British doctor Sir Ronald Ross in the year 1897, discovered that Anopheles is the most poisonous mosquito that transmits parasites to humans.

Q.4. Whose work is honored o­n World Mosquito Day?

Sir Ronald Ross's work and his contribution to curing Malaria are honored o­n World Mosquito Day. He was a British doctor who found that a type of female Anopheles mosquito was responsible for malaria transmission in living beings. He made this discovery in 1897, and to praise his findings; World Mosquito Day is celebrated every year o­n 20 August.

Q.5. Which institute celebrates World Mosquito Day to start several discussions o­n Malaria?

The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine celebrates World Mosquito Day by organizing seminars and discussions o­n Malaria and other diseases caused by mosquitoes. The institute also honors Sir Ross's work and other researchers and scientists who came up with new innovations beneficial for society.

Q6. Why do we celebrate 20 August as World Mosquito Day?

The main motto of celebrating World mosquito day o­n 20th August is to spread awareness about mosquitoes that causes illness and diseases in living creatures, including humans. In the history of medicine, Sir Ronald Ross discovered connections between malaria disease and the female mosquito that causes it.

(Source: https://byjusexamprep.com/current-affairs/world-mosquito-day)  


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